Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications

Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications
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11 Sep 2009

Taekwondo Techniques - Distance and Reach

I see this often for beginners in my Traditional Taekwondo class - but I'm sure it's the same for other martial arts. You're practicing a technique against an attack, and the demo requires you to shift a little to one side and counter attack. This allows you to draw in the attacker and use the attacker's own forward momentum to augment your counter attack. However, beginners responding to the attack most often take a step backward or a huge step to the side in order to get away from the attacker. The attacker is then able to easily repeat the attack with his own forward momentum, and the poor beginner is on a worse-off footing.

In basic training, we oftentimes train at a specific distance against an opponent. This is not just a way to inculclate muscle memory for the student. The distance is essential for proper counter attack to occur; and of course proper application of power generation. Too far away from the attacker and there will be no power and no penetrative force. THis type of basic training, too often poo poo-d by intermediate and senior students helps you condition yourself to the critical success factors that will place you in a tactically advantageous position and to succeed in your counter attack.

This is related to advice I give in self defence classes - you must replicate the exact conditions which are present in your training. This is why it is tough practicing on your brother or your bf ... they are not going to be pressing the attack as hard as an opponent trying to intimidate you and who is intruding on your personal space.

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