Taekwondo Pattern Dan Gun: Variations on a Theme

Dan Gun: Step 17 and 18 Vertical Shuto to the Neck

I finished the practical demo on my yellow belt and turned around to look for another 'volunteer' and saw my green belt standing there with a surprised look on his face. You never taught me that, he said. Of which I incredulously replied, yes I did.

Basically the move in question pertained to Steps 17 and 18 of Taekwondo pattern Dan-gun. This is the vertical knife hand fold with a 260 reverse turn and a downward strike. A description of the technique, and that particular lesson is actually recorded in the above blog post.

But he is correct, I did not teach him that exact variation I taught this particular yellow belt. The variation I just taught was a faster cross over of the hands that created an additional blocking motion whilst entering the arms. It allows a smaller and faster individual some skills to be able to blitz an attacker who's not expecting hands to move that fast.

While I teach to a syllabus, there are times when the interpretation and the needs of the students 'requires' me to seek out variations on a theme that I feel will be more valuable to individual students. Sometimes I think long and hard about these, sometimes I don't think too much about them.

Given that we're a close community, he was able to see this variation ... and given he's further along the learning curve, will take a mental snapshot for the bag of tricks he's accumulating.

Keep at it folks! It doesn't get boring!


Colin Wee
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