Chon-ji and Dan-gun - Kiss and Tell

In my school, Taekwondo's Chon-ji and Dan-gun teach a very different approach to fighting. In Chon-ji you have this really powerful basic moves that seek to break and strike with lots of commitment. But the opposite is not true of Dan-gun, meaning that it doesn't teach a lack of commitment - it does however teach a very important lesson ... not all fighting requires you to switch of your thinking brain and put 100% brawn into your attack. There is the case to gauge the opponent, size up the situation, decide on the most opportune moment ... and then make your move. Switch off your opponent - don't switch off yourself!



Colin Wee
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Christine said…
Thanks. I am getting frustrated with those. I am still a white belt after two months.
Colin Wee said…
Don't rush it - let your training pull you along. My yellow belts are 4-5 months into their training and you can just tell they're now just starting to 'get it'. What exactly are you unhappy with? Colin
Christine said…
I am always being told my feet are in the wrong place. I also don't have my front facing right, I turn my shoulders a little.

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