... and that's found in Traditional Taekwondo?

Last weekend I found myself talking shop with a martial arts enthusiast who's associated with my martial arts school. The issue we were discussing was short range striking techniques, whereupon I took the opportunity to hit my friend a couple of times with a few techniques that depended on the retraction of the arm to generate power for close range strikes. He seem amazed and asked if these techniques were indeed found in Traditional Taekwondo. I gladly obliged to demostrate the technique framed with various other moves straight from the pattern. He seemed satisfied that these were really 'Taekwondo' moves. Actually, I could show him anything and say they were really Traditional Taekwondo. In fact I could pick apart most Karate techniques or ITF/WTF techniques and say they're traditional taekwondo. The fact is that for the 24 patterns we have (and the few others I practice), most any sort of move would represent whatever kind of strike or defence you may dream about. You can see anything you want from any of the moves in our patterns. This is a point of contention I have with seeing 1000 ways to do the same thing in any one pattern. While there is some value to exploring possibilities, there is also great validity in rationalising the patterns as a training program or a strategic premise for fighting. Efficacy is established through core tactics (to improve reaction time), variations (to deal with a changeable environment), and then variability of threats (to deal with non-standard attacks). But yes ... that's all found in Traditional Taekwondo. :-) Regards, Colin
Colin Wee
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