Mental Attitude can help protect you from harm by Mireille Clark

I have found a very interesting e-book online written by Mr. John "Lofty" Wiseman that is available to check out a good sample for free. It is called the SAS Self-Defense Handbook. You can find it HERE:

This 78 page book is a good read that not only gives a variety of self defense options, but also brings forth the mental aspect of avoiding danger in the first place, and also what mental challenges you face when having to face an opponent. I do have to warn you that pages 29-32, 37-52, 57-77 are missing from the online book as it is only a sample.

I love how the writer speaks about modern concepts such as the fact that the addition of security cameras have actually lowered the alertness of the Bus Drivers to potential dangers.

He speaks about having three levels of alertness in our life. I understand where he is coming from.. it's not a paranoia, but more an awakening to the environment around you when you are in a place that could have potential danger. His words remind me of the second line of the Dojo Kun of the Kyokushin Karate style "We will pursue the Martial Way so that in time our senses may be alert." Being alert to potential danger can help you avoid confrontation with nasty results.

I LOVE how he states "As a good rule of thumb, if something is considered to be a foul in some combat sport or other, it is probably an excellent self-defense technique."

I can see how many times when we spar in tournaments or class, we train ourselves to avoid striking the sensitive areas, and for good reason, but when it comes to self defense our mind has to turn 180 degrees around and actually SEEK out these areas.

I feel that it is a book that a beginner, and an advanced Artist can enjoy. The suggested concepts in this book are simple, straightforward, and easily can be understood.

This book is available for sale for around $20.00 Canadian on
$13.57 American on

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Colin Wee
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