Oldman's Boobishi 'Nintendo Wee' Traditional Taekwondo Post

Oldman's Boobishi is a collection of martial art cartoons that provide a humourous and insightful look at the world of martial arts. The blog is scheduled to be decommissioned - or at least no new posts are expected in the horizon.

Some time ago The Daily Oldman produced a cartoon strip referring to my blog and traditional taekwondo. It slipped me to mention it here.

Oldman is right. There is a certain realism that the martial arts brings to my life - a directness and 'truth'. Check out his Nintendo Wee post - it's a fantastic title, isn't it? More so given I don't ever play video games.

Please let me take this opportunity to wish Oldman aka 'Mark Cook' all the best in his new role at his company.


Colin Wee
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