Taekwondo Doh-san: Step 23 Horizontal Shuto or Knife Hand Deflecting Oncoming Punch and Striking to the Neck

The punch comes straight at me and I pull the knife hand from the outside hand back, grab onto the oncoming punch and strike out with a horizontal shuto knife hand across the face or neck. To all onlooking, the move appears smooth - chambering smoothly and cutting out towards the face and neck smoothly. Yet before the knife hand makes contact with the opponent, I am able to make contact with the punching hand at least three times - the chambering striking elbow/forearm clipping it on the outside, the wedge of my reverse hand deflecting it further, and lastly my chest catching some of the forward strike and deflecting it as the upper body torques as it moves forward. Then there is contact made by the forward leg against the side of the opponent's leg.

Large motions require you to move large amounts of weight; this reduces speed and reaction time.

To increase speed, one idea is that you need to alter the path of the oncoming strike with the closest part of your body you can bring into contact with the weapon. In this case, the contact points are all legitimate blocks allowing you to deal with the punch whilst stacking up and preparing to deliver power into the opponent. Such contact points help the beginner understand how to apply similar basic techniques against other situations -- providing a 'one size fits all (or many)' solution.

Colin Wee
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