Taekwondo Do-san: View from the Kyu

Taekwondo Do-san

“Pen name of Ahn Ch'ang Ho, a Korean patriot who devoted his life to furthering education in Korea” (http://www.itatkd.com/pattern_dosan.html).

Do-san was not only an educator, be was also involved in the “Korean Independence Movement … under Japanese occupation” (Breen 2001 p8). To this I believe that tactical considerations should look at the freedom of movement and fluidity within the framework of Do-san’s techniques. Very much like the principles driving Wing Chun, movements are done quickly smoothly, center-lined within the shoulders. Breen says “Do-san … should flow, and float, almost as if the whole pattern were performed in continuous motion” (2001 p8).

The take away from Do-san is that there is an optimal amount of tension that needs to be present in your body, rather than being too tense and not able to move, nor being too relaxed that you don’t have enough power. It also alludes to an economy of motion that guides the fighter to strike within certain boundaries or parameters for maximal speed and effectiveness.

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Do-san Video

This isn't one of our videos. I got it off YouTube - but it's similar to how we practice Do-san.

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Colin Wee
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Colin Wee said…
Keeps me coming back for more!

Christian didn't see the humour in his post though.

Perhaps if it wasn't associated with so much pain ...

Potatoe Fist said…
That looks very similar to our Pinan Sa Dan (7th Hyung). Some variation though.
Colin Wee said…
... the first few Taekwondo forms are very similar to the Pinans - just look at Won-hyo and you'll see.


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