Training Warriors for the 21st Century

Training Warriors for the 21st Century
Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo cross training with Kidokwan Perth

18 May 2009

Practical Taekwondo: back to the Roots by Mathew Sylvester

I received a copy of the new book released by my online buddy Mathew Sylvester. Refer to Mathew's Practical Taekwondo Facebook group for more info. From my quick 5 minute overview of the book, I am happy to see really good solid practical concepts and a fantastic open-minded approach -- more or less similar to how I have designed my syllabus and how I conduct classes. I would highly recommend this book to all students and instructors of Taekwondo. The price of 23 pounds is worth it. Good work, Mathew! Colin

Colin Wee
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