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I was honoured to be invited to SportFM's Martial Arts Talk Show by Margaret Stewart and Dan Djurdjevic from Wu Wei Dao and the owner of 'The Way of Least Resistance' Blog. I was a little taken aback that it was a 20 minute 'live' session on talk back radio. All in all a fairly intelligent chat with Dan, and I got to talk a little about what Traditional Taekwondo is to me, and how we've come to do what we do.

Colin Wee Talks Taekwondo with Dan Djurdjevic

Colin Wee
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Dan Djurdjevic said…
The podcast will be available on Thursday Colin. I'll send the link as soon as its ready.

Well done - I think it was a great interview!
Colin Wee said…
Thanks. I enjoyed it, actually. The nerves only hit me for a few minutes before the show started!

Looking forward to another session with you, if you'd like.

blackbeltshop said…
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