Do-san: Hip Throw onto the Hard Unyielding Ground

Currently only one 7th kyu who's just learning how to forward roll and breakfall from mid-air. So lucky me ... I had to be the sack of potatoes so that he could learn how to do a hip throw for his ranking requirements for Taekwondo's Do-san pattern. This wouldn't be bad news unless you consider that we train on 'borrowed premises' and have to land on a hard wooden decking. It could be worse I guess, he could have slipped up and dropped his massive 90kg frame on me. Fortunately all throws went smoothly and I only had to do a dozen or so breakfalls from hip high. Pat would have been proud.

Issues to look out for:
1. Entering needs to be done with a little more commitment - upper body pull and torque whilst legs jump in.
2. Hip needs to slip under quickly.
3. Thrower needs to rotate opponent through -rather than aim the body directly where he wants the sack of potatoes to go, he should continue the rotational aspect so that there is an increase in circumfrential momentum.

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Colin Wee
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