Taekwondo Pattern Dan-gun: A Momentary Lapse is Devastating

Taekwondo Dan-gun

You sometimes forget that these techniques are lethal.

We were practicing a defence against a lapel grab and punch - using a technique from Taekwondo's Dan-gun pattern. Essentially the grabbing arm gets a forearm slammed downwards on it before an upper block or chukyo marki is applied to the attacker's neck.

I partnered up with my 7th kyu student - and momentarily had a lapse - basically forgot that I was facing off with a guy who outweighs me by some 15 kilos. All I became aware of was something crashing into my forearm, my head being whip lashed backwards and forwards, and a series of cracks and pops coming from my neck.

The headache that followed is still with me after more than 24 hours.

It's a simple technique, but when performed with commitment and form, the entire body weight is accelerated and punctuates each move.

Let us not forget what we are capable of doing.


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Colin Wee
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