Toi-gye: Manjiuke Step 28 - Left low block and right mid block to high section

We covered the fascinating 'Y' (or 'W' - whichever you see it) block from Taekwondo's Toi-gye as a way to deal with a kick and effect a takedown from the inside of his attack. Many times we see that within the one form you have other techniques to suggest how to deal with a specific attack from both sides. In this case we now look at what should happed if I step outside the kick. In comes Step 28 which starts off as what seems to be a palm strike and grab to the groin, with the other hand as an open palm guard to the neck. It then moves into a back stance with guarding hand dropping into a low block and the palm strike/grab becoming a mid block to upper section. This is called a mangiuke or a swastika block in karate (one hand down, one hand up - you can just imagine it in your mind). I'd take this as a leg grab or scoop that goes under a kick. The lift pulls the leg uncomfortably upwards - the lower block is done to the front of the person or to his groin. With the downward pressure from the low block, a little hip twist makes the person spin nicely around his support foot and drops him to the ground.

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Check out for an application of the 'W' block that greatly differs from what I've discussed above. It has some merit - so I'm not discounting it.
Colin Wee
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