Chon-ji Lower Block Against a a Kick

The beginners seem to need more drills and technique variations to understand the lower block or hardan marki. Aside from the regular defensive and offensive moves done against punches, today I pitted the lower block against a kick - effecting a takedown of the opponent.

The technique is not usually taught at this level, but it wasn't a major stretch for their current skills. The reverse or back hand covers against the striking kick and wraps under it from the outside of the leg. The low block strike puts downward striking pressure on the leg or pelvis and the block is down against the hip or support leg. A slight left twist in a nice low stance drops the opponent on the back.

To get to that position, the defender has to surge or gap close when the opponent starts his move. You have to fire your own muscles when the breath is exhaled and when the weight is shifted off the front or back leg.

THe arms are folded and provide coverage to most of your body. Your gap closing strategy needs to be done in a linear fashion in order for your body to shift towards your front leg and away from centreline. The back hand deflects the kick and wraps under it. You need to be close to the opponent for the technique to work. While your back hand wraps around the leg, your back fist should be close to the opponent's inner thigh. This allows you to open your hand and grab the relatively loose skin in the inner thigh - the hikite or pull back hand then controls this while the other hand goes to work.

The blocking hand can strike the leg as you enter either from the outside or downwards.

When you are throwing the opponent you are throwing the opponent off his base. Weighting him on his leg by bearing down with your lead hand allows you to stabilize his back leg on the ground. Twisting off to the outside then moves his COG up over his back leg and outside of his base. It's an easy throw.

Once on the floor you can apply an ankle lock or leg lock as you are comfortable. Or if not, stomp on the support knee or ankle.

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