Basai Double Punch Turn and Scoop Block as Throw Application

This is an amazing application from Basai's double punch turn scoop block.

Colin Wee
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Dan Djurdjevic said…
A very nice find Colin.

Oldman has some great ideas. I've left a comment on his video to the effect that where some grappling applications of kata seem quite forced, this one is natural and convincing, demonstrating clearly the principle that striking and grappling rely on the same kinaesthetic principles.
Colin Wee said…
You're right, this particular application is not bad ... it's natural and not forced.

I try not to promote this fact too much, but I draw a good amount of inspiration from Basai and Tekki. Lots of Basai and Tekki are found scattered throughout the beginning program of Traditional Taekwondo.

Lots of everything rely on the same kinesthentic principles ... applying them is the million dollar question, isn't it?

For me I'm happy to remain choosy as to what the beginning student nominally needs to learn. All I want is to equip him/her to start their black belt journey.


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