Self Defense Reality Check

My wife who's a radiologist recounted to me a story related to a scan in which she recently saw. It involved a police officer attempting to either arrest or write up a citation for a drunk person, whereupon the drunk grabbed the officer's pen, jammed it into his eye socket, and pushed his head, pen first against the police officer's chest -- shoving it deeper into his head. The pen entered into the corner of the eye, and the scan showed the full length of it in the man's skull. It however missed all major structures and there was little damage done! Something to think about when dealing with dumb opponents with an increased pain tolerance related to alcohol or drug abuse. Colin

Taekwondo and Self Defence

Colin Wee
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Colin Wee said…
You don't say!
wmioch said…
wait...he stabbed himself in the eye?
Ikigai said…
Yea that's scary - he could have just as easily stabbed for the officer.But you're very right about the nullifying of pain and reason when drugs and alcohol are involved.
Colin Wee said…
Yep, he stabbed himself in the eye. And yeah, he could have stabbed the officer first ... then stabbed himself.

Maybe the idea was to shock the hell out of the officer?


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