Protecting our selves from our "selves": Take a deep breath ( Part 3) by Mireille Clark

In Part 1 I spoke about how we need to defend from inner psychological stress that can stop us from performing during a crisis situation. In Part 2 I explained how our Martial Arts training can help us use our breathing beneficially. Today, I would like to support these ideas with various websites, articles, and videos that I have dug up out of the internet.

In more than one study done on Deep breathing, doctors have seen that people were able to lower their blood pressure by sometimes as much as 10 to 15 points. It was such a significant difference, that the Japanese study did recommend that patients in an office should not be encouraged to do deep breathing before having their blood pressure checked. It seems that deep breathing may actually change how the kidneys remove salt from the body.

" When under chronic stress, people tend to take shallow breaths and unconsciously hold them, what Anderson calls inhibitory breathing. Holding a breath diverts more blood to the brain to increase alertness — good if the boss is yelling — but it knocks off kilter the blood's chemical balance. More acidic blood in turn makes the kidneys less efficient at pumping out sodium.

In animals, Anderson's experiments have shown that inhibitory breathing delays salt excretion enough to raise blood pressure. Now he's testing if better breathing helps people reverse that effect."

BlackDice572 (Just click on his name to see his video.)has offered a wonderful informative relaxed video on Youtube filled with explanation on the mechanics of breathing, and how it supports our training. In his video, he mentions the "Fascia Train theory". If you would like to learn more about this, feel free to visit this website.

Mr Aaron Hoopes from Australia offers an in depth article explaining various deep breathing exercises in a convenient understandable step by step manner. As he explains some exercises take years to learn, while others are quite easy. All are beneficial.

Sensei Derdeyn offers a comprehensive, well made, and fact-filled series of Aikido Breathing instructional videos on He gives the history of combat breathing, and ties it into modern athletic sports as weight lifting, football, etc.

Colin Wee
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Colin Wee said…
I've not had very much time on the blog, but I did read this post of yours when you first got it up ... and you know what, I've been deep breathing every now and then in the past week. It's been fantastic. I've had a real hectic schedule in the last week (my business partner and other senior manager have both left for overseas and I'm running the company on a part time schedule). So anything that helps me focus and shake off office blues and the kinks from the marathon meetings I've had is real good.


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