Like being hit by a bullet

That was how it was when I punched the white belt holding the striking mitt to her side. It was like she was shot. This was by a short range reverse snap punch at a distance of about 30 cm away from the target. No she didn't fly backwards, but there was obvious penetration, hydrostatic shock, and the appropriate recoil, coughing and deep breathing to recover from the strike.

The next time I did the same punch however, the orange belt holding the target was much larger - probably outweighing me by 20 UGLY kilograms and taller by about half a foot or so. The effect was less noticeable. I didn't change the technique so indeed I would have been hitting him with the same force - not 100%, but still significant.

It was commented that he withstood 5 of the strikes I initially used on the white belt ... which leaves me to talk about what martial arts is and is not.

Firstly, martial arts does not have any magic bullets. Ikken Hisatsu or similar concepts are not techniques to just snap your fingers with and opponents drop like flies. All basic techniques use pure physics to improve on yourself. It's up to 100% ... not any more.

Also for those martial artists out there who think that martial arts level the playing field - there are opponents out there that will pose differing levels of threat. Different strengths, speed, pain thresholds, experience, weapons usage ... all these add to the risks you face. Underestimate them and you might as well zip up that bodybag around yourself.

Keep safe. Keep it real.

Get More Striking Power Through Traditional Taekwondo

Colin Wee
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Dan Djurdjevic said…
I wonder Colin - could you have subconsciously changed your punch depending on your partner?

I suppose it wouldn't have mattered much, but I wonder.

In any event, I agree completely with your observation here - great post!
Colin Wee said…
Could be, but I really was trying to hit him hard. Maybe his pain tolerance has increased over the half a year he's been with me? :-) Colin

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