Taekwondo's Close Quarter Punches ... say again?

From my observation, there are few if any hard style karate or taekwondo schools that teach a close quarter centreline vertical fist punch ala Wing Chun, Isshinryu or Savate's piston punches. Yet basics for close quarter techniques are right there in Do-san, the third form we have ... which features forward facing backfists and spearhand done with a horizontal open hand trapping technique. This kind of close quarter punch is related to the discussion of punching life-cycle -- any point along the punching line is a legitimate strike irrespective of the rotation of the fist. In fact it is acceptable to even strike with the forearm whilst punching or create havoc by recoiling the punch and making contact with the thumb-knuckle to the neck or other sensitive regions. Inclusion of such training allows the student to deal with opponents in the short range, and more importantly skills them up to deal with opponents that jab iteratively or who attack at melee range without the 'standard' step forward with entire body.

Colin Wee
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Dan Djurdjevic said…
An excellent post - and one I've been meaning to comment on for some time.

"any point along the punching line is a legitimate strike irrespective of the rotation of the fist"

I have long maintained the above position. Everything I've seen and heard in my recent travels supports this, as it does the rest of your post concerning use of the forearm etc.

Well said!
Colin Wee said…
I like to think of this as part of 'plug and play' taekwondo (or karate). It's good to dissect physical moves like this in order to figure out how things work. Directly related to this concept is the flight path of a block, any block -- at each stage of the move the block can be a strike, a deflection or, of course, a block. Thanks for the response. It's good to see that there are others who agree with a martial arts recluse! Cheers, Colin

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