75 Down Blocks

I'm just now wading through the 75 Down Blocks by Rick Clark book attempting to look for the technique I thought I extracted and used as a drill in my class last night. But you know what? While I thought it was a technique pulled out of the book, it was only part of the technique modified and similar to the Traditional Taekwondo drills we already did in our class.

We're using a down block to deal with an opposite side push or punch. The opposite or folding hand goes under the attacker's outstretched arm as a reverse snap punch. The fold for the block deflects and controls attacker's extended arm. There's no magic here - no fiddly jujutsu move.

It's a straight hip rotation striking the opponent's lower ribs with some good force. Then rotate the other way and drive folded blocking elbow into the opponent's solar plexus. Pull the opponent's arm, extend the blocking arm and perform the lower block to the back of the opponent's neck. Change the first formation in order to strike the back of the neck with the corners of the fist.

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Colin Wee
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