Traditional Taekwondo Training - Thought of the Moment

If you train for high kicks, you'll mostly get good at high kicks.
If you train for low kicks, you'll mostly get good at low kicks.
Don't expect to be good at low kicks if you always do high kicks.

Likewise ...

If you train to hit a kick shield, you'll mostly get good at hitting that equipment.
If you train to hit a person standing in front of you, you'll mostly get good at hitting that kind of opponent..
Don't expect to get good at dealing with an opponent if you just kick that kick shield mindlessly.

Colin Wee
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Christine said…
That makes sense.
Colin Wee said…
Why thanks Christine.

Do you train in Taekwondo? Are you in Korea?

Michele said…
Good point. My class instructor would tell us to focus through the kick shield not on the surface.
Colin Wee said…
For a person with some experience, kicking a kick shield may be a good way to maintain strength, flexibility, and speed - without detracting from the landing of that kick on an opponent.

However, holding the kick shield at a distance away from the body means that kicking it calibrates the kicker's eyes to hit outside the body core.

So, yes, kick through the target. But also hold the target closer to the body. And get a smaller and thinner target. Make yourself work for it.

Christine said…
I am in Korea. I have a white belt in TKD that I got just before coming here a month and a half ago. I want to do some training here.
Colin Wee said…
Fantastic! Good luck with that.

You might want to check out my sitemap and look for beginner and chon-ji posts.


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