Taekwondo Students and Their Training logs

Training logs are a diary to capture training sessions and progress. They help the student practitioner figure out how to improve on areas of weakness and to give a student the perspective of how to maintain good performance. I am happy to say that one of my students has started his training log online at Christian's TKD Journey. Happy reading and training. Colin

Colin Wee
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Patrick Parker said…
I think that's fantastic. Journalling is such a powerful vehicle for introspection and self-improvement - and blogging is just a better kind of journaling.

I wish I could just make all my students do blogs because it would be good for them, but alas, I don't have that much pull even with my fanatical followers. ;-)

Keep up the good work, guys!
MMA Zone said…
I keep my diary/log updated through google documents. What does everyone else use?
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Colin Wee said…
I was an archery coach to the national team once upon a long time ago. Training journals had to be detailed enough to record what these people ate, how much they slept, what the weather was, etc. The more we understand the factors affecting the sportsman, the better we are able to gear training to their needs and to ensure they are strong competitors when it comes time to do their job. So while i agree that blogging is great, this kind of open forum interview type process can only create a certain type of value. The student should start to establish indices that are able to affect their learning or performance and allow an instructor access to this data in order to custom a training program that will help them overcome their own deficiencies. Good idea to do it on Google Docs.


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