Taekwondo Grading - Adding Layers Upon Layers of Knowledge

Today I had a grading for our resident yellow belt.

When I sprung the start of the grading on him, you could see he was sweating from the warmup/workout, and from the heat and humidity of the morning.

What was I looking for? I was looking for slavish focus and a demonstration of technique understanding driven by the taekwondo pattern Dan-gun. All techniques and all defences should be driven with the framework that Dan-gun provided. This is part of the study, is it not?

So if I ask for a particular defence or application to be performed and that technique is featured as well in the previous grading, what version would I like demonstrated for this specific grading? Yes, it is the version that was recently taught.

This is how a structured Taekwondo syllabus adds layers to existing knowledge and pulls the student along. It also allows the student to use the structure of the patterns as a benchmark for future knowledge and introspection. My hope is that the student would continue to think about the lessons and add to their framework as they continue - with or without me.

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Colin Wee
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Anonymous said…
This is true. A martial artist must not only add new knowledge to there personal style, but also practise over and over everything they have already learnt. For those who practise the requirments for there next grading only, and forget practising what they learnt in previous gradings, they are wasting there time.
Ikigai said…
Agreed - It's all too easy to pack certain forms and skills away once the testing for them is done.
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