Traditional Taekwondo Program has Started for 2009

Little activity on the home front - lots of guests in my backyard, a road trip, Christmas and New Year events, and school holidays.

HRGB has started the year off nicely.

We arranged and attended a training session with our Wu Wei Dao friends a week ago. As an instructor it's always a little difficult to see how popping into someone else's training program or one-off seminar can improve your martial arts - but it surely does. It helps spur you on, change focus on exercises, look at new warm up techniques, and basically helps you appreciate new ways of engaging the opponent. Kancho Nenad being a very capable instructor also has a fantastic range of interesting techniques - I basically showed up and enjoyed the session rather than have to look after any of my own students! It was too easy. I'd highly recommend you try something different like this if you've got inertia or if your training program has hit a plateau.

Yesterday we started weekly session at Nedlands. The grounds were particularly unkempt and begging for someone to sweep up. It was a good session which allowed us to go through basic techniques and some grading requirements for orange belt.

In one particular application, I wanted to look at the opening sequence of Dangun to allow the student to deflect oncoming strikes and then to respond with a roundhouse punch to the face or head level. To make it real, the opponent has to throw a jab and a nice cross. If done with some force the opponent might take a half step or full step forward and maybe to the side. If this happens the defender needs to readjust to land the strike properly. In any case, the defender needs to look at the first few steps and to allow 70% shifting forward or backward through either defensive (back stance) or offensive (front stance) in order to cater towards proper distancing.

There is no 'real' stance that needs to be adopted. The basic stances are there to frame possible foot placements and COG locations on the ground.

Colin Wee
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"oldman" said…
I'm a bit envious. I have corresponded some with DEJAN DJURDJEVIC before he left I would love to have the chance to train with him and Nenad.

Have a great day
Colin Wee said…
Both Nenad and Dejan have a very good system and school. They're really upstanding people - smart, hard working, curious, committed, and very approachable. I've known them for about 5 years and am pleased to see old faces in their student body over those years.

They've also got a drop dead gorgeous dojo.


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