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Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications
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11 Dec 2008

Human Weapon On Taekwondo

Bill Duff, one of the presenters of Human Weapon gets knocked out during a sparring match on the Taekwondo episode.

Colin Wee
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3 comments: said...

I personally preffered watching Fight Quest over Human Weapon. The fight quest guys seemed more humble and willing to listen more to there teachers in specific arts. The Human Weapon guys where cocky sometimes.

I think Bill figured that becuase teakwondo is more of a traditional way of practising than wrestling and MMA he underestimated its power, hence took a shot and got knocked down.

BSM said...

And his co-host tore his ACL in the same episode trying to execute a tornado kick.

From what I've heard, this is why we have not seen any more episodes.

supergroup7 said...

Wow... I wondered when something like this would happen. I'm not surprised that it finally did.
When I watched the episode on Kyokushin Karate, I noticed that the final fight was done at a level where the hosts were given only a small sample of what a Black belt could do, and I thought "Sure.. of course.. there is no pleasure in destroying a beginner." Yet, I also agree with the lesson that the hosts learned here in this episode.