Do-san: Step 6 & 7 as Hip Throw

Mokuren Dojo has a post to describe the hip throw we learn for Taekwondo's Do-san 7th Kyu 'Seoinage is Not Crack of Butt Throw.' We do this technique as a butt crack throw, but have the luxury of not thinking too much about it! :-)

As an overview, step 6 is a right spearhand or nukite with left guarding. Step 7 is a left 360 degree turn into a left backfist. This is interpreted in a number of ways, but the 'official' or most common interpretation is as a 'Judo' hip throw. I also teach it as a choke/takedown with the added movement of the turn introducing a strike the side of the neck with a ridge hand.

Oldman has a diagram depicting Step 6 & 7 in the 'official' interpretation - that of the turn as a release from a handlock. Oldman's Boobishi: Bunkai Pinan Sandan

Do-san Hip Throw
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Colin Wee
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Patrick Parker said…
Hey, cool response. I think I know just the sequence youre talking about - I just don't know it by the name, Do San. I've always interpreted it as a devense against someonw twisting that nukite hand in something like sankyo - turn and whack them with the other arm. But I have seen it shown as a hip throw. I've also seen all the 270 degree turns in the Heians done as hip throw-like things.
Colin Wee said…
Yes, I've heard of that before. Someone is grabbing your hand OR they're attempting to put a lock on your hand, you twist out and backfist them in the face. But I think that interpretation is pretty useless. :-) Colin
Patrick Parker said…
yeah, a spin-backfist is probably a pretty poor response to a wrist twist. But what about calling that sequence turn, elbow strike, reach and grab BG with the hand from the elbow strike, follow up with punch.

(we're talking about a piece of heian sandan here aren't we?)
Colin Wee said…
Yeah, many of the techniques of Chang Hon are sourced from the Heians. I guess we could describe it for what it's worth ... and bore the living hell out of everyone. Ha! Colin
Anonymous said…
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