Teaching Taekwondo to Children

I've had a wonderful exchange (see Won Hyo: Side Kick with Jeremy, a 3rd dan instructor, who seems extremely cluey and resourceful when coming around the issue of teaching taekwondo techniques and self defence to children. Check out the following post from him.

One advantage I have is our taekwondo basics program. It's a 12-class (once a week) program that all kids under 12 are required to take before they can sign up for traditional classes. It's a low cost way for kids to try out it before committing to joining the traditional class and getting a uniform.

The basics class covers all the basic stances, punches, blocks and kicks that are learned at the white belt level. The learn front kick, side kick, axe kick, roundhouse and back kick. However, we do not teach the kids to pivot at this point. Side kicks and back kicks are done from chun-bi "ready stance" with hands up in the guard position. Side kicks are done side to side and back kicks are done looking over there shoulder kicking straight back.

Roundhouse kicks are done from an L-Stance but with both feet pointed in the same direction (sideways). The kids kick with their front leg so that their leg and foot are already in the roundhouse position and they can just work on the chamber and slapping motion.

While I currently do not deal with children, I am looking at all these wonderful approaches and am quietly growing a program for the little ones. Maybe sometime in the future I'll come around and get a children's class together.

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Thanks for the input, Jeremy.


Colin Wee
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Jeremy said…
Thank you, Colin!

I've been away from the site for awhile and just saw this post. I love your approach to the art and the insights you bring.

It's definitely rewarding working with children and does wonders for one's patience!
Colin Wee said…
It is rewarding when you see them grow with the arts. :-) Cheers. Colin

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