Training Safety

This post on training safety is as much about etiquette as it is about managing the practise of techniques itself. The Gentleman's Rule is a post at Mokuren Dojo which talks about safety in practice and your duty of care when you apply dangerous techniques in a training environment.

In our etiquette guidelines, we exhort people who spar to spar to your full potential but always have the utmost self-control. Self-control is so important that we also want practitioners to train with diligence but not to over-train - so that self-control can be maintained through whatever challenge you might face.

Mokuren Dojo says you may throw the opponent with full force and speed onto the mat, but you need to help him land properly. What does this mean? This means that you are respectful of the fact that your opponent has loaned you his body to practice, and you must ensure that you guard his wellbeing and his training safety while you are in control of the situation.

When we get to the dojang we're all here to learn. Getting hurt from strikes and bumps are alright - so long as we are not injured in the process. Let us all leave the dojang on our own two feet.

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