Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications

Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications
JDK Instructors share the passion with ITF friends here in Perth

18 Oct 2008

Tops on Traditional Taekwondo

Post with most comments: Power Generation in Roundhouse Kicks
Most popular post off Google searches: Won-hyo Side Kick
Post with most clever perspective (or at least I think so): Kihon Kata Koma
Top ranked keywords: Taekwondo Techniques
Top non-martial arts keyword: William Mioch
Top referrer: Mokuren Dojo
Most visitors from country: United States
Most visitors from United States from State: California

Keywords: Traditional Taekwondo, Marital Arts, Takewondo, aekwondo, and Taekwond

Colin Wee
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