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Pat at Mokuren Dojo describes what various belt ranks need to know during for their grading at What Should Yellow Belts at Mokuren Dojo Know. I thought I should include a sample Grading Results and feedback I give to my Taekwondo students.

These Grading Results are typically presented to students a week or two after their grading. My aim is to make it as easy as possible to fail my students. I tell them before hand that the grading is not so much a grading but a coaching session, and if they exceed 80% in this session, they are promoted. If not, they're retained in rank. Yes, I have failed my students, and yes, some of them have quit perhaps due to receiving that not-so-pleasant result. But this is the path of the martial art student, pass or fail - I am keeping it real for them.

The following is from a real grading I did a year and a half ago for a student who no longer trains with us.

FirstName LastName
White Belt Grading Results
December 2 2006

FirstName has demonstrated a good grasp of Taekwondo's ready stance, forebalance, breathing technique, kiai, lunge punch, palm heel strike, low block, mid block, breakfall, and the kata that we have taught at his level.

FirstName needs to reaccess his knowledge of the background of the pattern, backbalance structure, and the power generation whilst performing Chungi. In particular:
1. Ready stance – feet need to be turned in or at least pointing forward.
2. Back balance – COG is too far forward. Stance is too long.
3. Lunge punch – not enough power generated.
4. Palm heel strike – too low, needs to be nose height.
5. Turn into low block – need to stretch leg out first.
6. Mid block in back balance – don’t step backward. Chunji is about stepping forward.

FirstName has shown a lot of enthusiasm and good determination in his training with us over the last 5 months. He has thrived on the challenges of training and theory.

I am happy to promote FirstName to 8th kyu (yellow belt) in Traditional Taekwondo.

Colin Wee
Chief Instructor


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Colin Wee
Principal, Joong Do Kwan (Perth)
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