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Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications
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25 Sep 2008

If you had the chance to spar Cuba's Angel Valodia Matos ... what tactic would you use to teach him a good Taekwondo lesson?

I came up with this poll idea to see how instant justice can be exacted from this Olympic scandal ... taekwondo style. 36 people voted, and this is how they see Angel getting his just rewards:

50% wanted to back kick him in the nuts!
27% wanted to turn their backs on him and gas him!
25% wanted to take him down to the mats and sweat on him!
22% wanted to roundhouse kick him in the head!
16% wanted to chuck a hissy fit and then go kick his coach!

It seems an overwhelming percentage of pollers wanted to really get him where it hurts! This isn't Olympic rules of course, but it certainly drives home the message, doesn't it?

It's very strange, median answers vary from a very emotive 'turn their backs on him and gas him' to grappling solutions, and then to an eye for an eye kick that he similarly doled out to that referree. A few respondants thought that the coach should get some blame too.

The poll is a simple and fun mechanism, not inviting you to put too much thought into it. But there is a temptation to think about how this guy can be taught a lesson if he was standing in front of any one of us. How do you decide? What do you do? Has anything like this happen in your dojo before? Or do you take the mature way and talk to him about your disappointment and your expectations?


Fallen Angel: Beijing Olympic TKD Participant from Cuba Attacks Referee

Colin Wee
Traditional Taekwondo Technique Workshop

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Potatoe Fist said...

I thought there would be more comments here. I missed the vote post, but I've got to tell you my response to seeing the incident was absolute perplexity. I'm with the group who thought the coach could use some assistance. Honestly, how could a guy with that attitude make it to Olympic level sport? I would have thought a temper like that would have precluded him from tournament play long ago. His current coach probably wasn't his coach for life, but you'd like to think that someone at least attempted to address his attitude long ago.

That being said, I have no idea the pressure or circumstances around this guys life. Perhaps the ref was whispering, "I hate Cubanos" the whole time...