Hikaru Dojo Hosts Its First and Last Martial Arts Birthday Party

My son requested a Kung Fu Panda Birthday party over the last weekend to celebrate his 7th birthday. Now does anyone hosts martial arts birthday parties in Perth? Let alone Kung Fu Panda Birthday parties? Nooooooo. Yours truly, my brothers, took the plunge and accepted the challenge!

Briefly, a run through of events:

Shifu Says: This is like Simon says. But in addition, "YOu are on fire" requires them to roll on the ground. "The house is on fire" requires them to crawl to the nearest exit. "SOmeone is dragging you off the field" requires them to wrap their body around an immovable object OR a leg.

Destruction: My students and I demonstrated how to break tiles. Taught the kids how to use a palm heel and then let all the children break thin Balsa wood boards. They absolutely loved that.

Cake Cutting: Not difficult to figure out that everyone was going to bypass the birthday cake for the gold covered chocolate coins!

Ping Pong Ball and Spoon Race: Relay event for teams seperated by coloured belts.

Limbo: Kung fu training requires not only speed but agility - go under the limbo stick and prove your worth!

Attack the Evil Princess: Two of my students put on wigs. I give cardboard ninja stars to all the children. Then I get my students to run into the middle of the field. 30 crazed thugs aged 6-8 years attack them with the stars. A group of them decide to grab onto jacob's pants and pull it off. THey are very effective. The evil princess is vanquished and intimidated.

Chopstick Race: Go pick up lollies as a team relay event.

Side Kick: I was happy to kick Jacob who was holding onto the kick shield with a sliding side kick. Got the children on the line to show them how the kick was done. Let them kick the air a couple of times and lined them up in front of the target to go for it.

Victory Dance: Get all the children and all the parents up to do a victory dance to dance music. Announce the outstanding MVPs through the event. Prize giving after.

I've got to say this was a great birthday party idea, and while the younger boys and girls absolutely loved it, I am sure slightly older children will get into it too. The karate or taekwondo birthday party idea can mix in a lot of ideas for games, competitions, and teaching/training events ... it had a good breadth of stuff for everyone there. Good control was in order though ... just because of the theme, children were rough-housing it a little before the events started. One girl didn't want to do the board breaking but everyone else had several goes. If you need to entire party plan, let me know. I can email it to you.


The children loved it! The adults thought I should quite my day job and do this professioanlly. Some of the children want to take up martial arts for real!

Anyone want a few more children in their class? :-)

Let me tell you I definitely had to reach for the beers when I got home that afternoon.

Please let me take the opportunity to thank Sunil from Ray Hanas for providing some templates for the ninja stars the children used to attack my students. Thanks for Jacob and Christian for being such great sports, wearing wigs and having their pants torn off by children - and for all their help. Last but not least my wife Ems for entirely organizing this fantastic event.

I have uploaded photos to facebook under my profile. There are some links to some photos above. To see the rest check out my photo album.


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supergroup7 said…
Oh... that sounds WONDERFUL! I don't know how you are going to top this event next year.. I can't wait to read what you come up with.

Great job Colin!!!

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