Christmas Gift Ideas Perth Western Australia

Christmas Gift Ideas 

Christmas is just around the corner. I'm sure you're looking for an interesting idea to get the whole family connected this year!

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas here in Perth, Western Australia?

What better way to celebrate the Christmas holidays than to get your teenager out of your hair and into hard grueling physical training! JDK follows a traditional taekwondo program that trains the mind through understanding and application, the body through physical techniques, and the spirit through the determination and the rigours of physical challenges.

Think martial arts training and you think of the confidence, discipline, and self-esteem you help build for your teenager. Goodness knows many of them need it! Stop them slouching. The whining. I'll-do-it-tomorrow attitude. There is no better Christmas gift (for you or your teenager)!!!

Are you ready to take the Traditional Taekwondo Perth Christmas challenge?

Perth Christmas Gift Idea Challenge - TRAIN FOR FREE FOR ONE YEAR!!!

The Traditional Taekwondo Perth Christmas Challenge is for you to bring yourself and your teenager (aged 13-19) down to JDK in Nedlands and train with us for a full year for FREE
You buy the uniform. You attend classes. We take care of the rest! 
How do you train for free? This is how it works - when you start, you put a deposit of $600 for the both of you for our regular training sessions. This does not include any grading or other event fees (but I promise that won't break the bank). If you both make it to the end of the year, we give it back to you in full - no questions asked. If either of you quit or don't participate for two consecutive weeks of classes without a medical waiver (omitting family holidays), we get to keep the cash. Up for the challenge?
This offer is valid ANY TIME during the year. The day after Christmas for instance, if you feel like you're stuffed or hungover - you know where to come to detox. A month after the new year, and when your new year resolution just didn't cut it ... you know I'll be waiting for you. 

So while you're rushing up to Christmas and preparing for that wonderful Christmas lunch, think about what you want to do with yourself and your child after the holidays. Isn't it time to treat yourself to something different?! :-)

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supergroup7 said…
ha ha ha.. The parents might like the whole idea, but I wonder if the kids would look forwards to "hard grueling physical training."

I'm getting pictures of Santa with a whip. Ha ha ha

I do wish Traditional Taekwondo Perth's Christmas Challenge much success.
Colin Wee said…
Mir - I'm extending this Christmas Gift Idea. It's now valid throughout the year. With some modifications so we might be able to cover our costs. :-) Colin

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