Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications

Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications
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13 Aug 2008

Taekwondo Chon-ji: Steps 18 & 19 as Osotogari

The last two steps of Taekwondo Chon-ji hyung following the previous two forward lunge punches are two reverse punches. The transition between step 17 & 18 with the previous right punch left 'in situ' whilst stepping back and then firing off the left punch has been translated as an osotogari reaping throw.

As applications go, Osotogari is a legitimate technique. As drawn from the techniques in the kata as I have done, however, the translation doesn't win me any medals. But, the placing of the throw at that point in the kata allows me to do one of several things -

1. Introduce breakfalls to the beginners
2. Introduce a very basic and easy throw
3. Allow them to think of striking and destroying the opponent AND taking their legs out from under them

In my opinion, it is a good technique to include at the beginning stage.

Last night we discussed this throw. We introduce it to taekwondo beginners from a standard lapel-sleeve grip, the right hand lifting the opponent, the left pulling the opponent towards you, shifting the hips next to the opponent, raising the leg and kicking the opponent's foot from behind him. The fall is decelerated by pulling up on the opponent's sleeve with the left arm.

For intermediate belts who were more familiar with the throw, we took the opponent off his base - so hip to hip, and then moving off perpendicularly so that the throw goes not to his back but off to his side. It was easy to do, required less strength, and no one's knees were in trouble of getting sprained.

As for me, I had a patch on the old gi I was wearing halfway ripped off by my enthusiastic green belt -- and I also caught a whiff of what seemed to be a hastily eaten dinner.

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