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29 Aug 2008

Perth Royal Show

The Perth Royal Show Hosts Qigong and Taichi Demonstrations

The Perth Royal Show (see Perth Royal Show Ticket Information) that's on September 27th to October 4th at the Claremont Show Grounds brings a bit of the country to the city. The Perth Royal show is held once a year, has been on-going for 100 years, and spans eight days.

When I first came to Australia, all I heard about the Perth Royal Show was about show bags, rides, and junk food. Naturally I was not impressed. Furthermore, at the time, we lived in Nedlands and my son was about 2 years old. Imagine my unhappiness when fireworks seemed to be let off just outside our window about 30 minutes after we put my boy to bed. Ever heard of anyone calling the cops on the entire Perth Royal Show? I nearly did! Hahahahah.

But the first time I visited the show I was blown away by the number of exhibits and the vast number of different events and activities that can be had at the Royal Show. I had a blast!

Aside from the regular attractions this year at the Perth Royal Show, there will be Taichi and Qigong demonstration held at the Carter Lawn at various sessions throughout the day.

I'm not sure that I need to experience any more chinese culture at the Perth Royal Show Taichi booth - but I'm sure I'll be coerced into buying some show bags for the children. Don't forget the fairly floss and the obligatory hotdog with suspect sausage meat.

The Food Pornographer on The Perth Royal Show 2007 - great images of the food on offer!!!

Highlights of the Perth Royal Show can be found here This is the official site of the Perth Royal Show, and highlights are organised by days. Interesting - 'Rabbit Judging,' 'Name the Three Little Pigs,' and 'Alpaca Shearing'!

Perth Royal Show Writeup on - not much here except a short writeup and a phone number. Great for parents who live around Claremont with little children who sleep around the time of the fireworks.

Perth Royal Show on Wikipedia - as usual, a good coverage of the Perth Royal Show including the history of the event.

Perth Royal Show on Enjoy Perth! - This is a blog entry on the Royal Show with prices from 2006 and several blog responses.

Perth Royal Show now certain: Minister: It seems there was the possibility that Perth Royal Show stall owners would have to be charged an additional license fees, but this was overturned by Local Goverment Minister Ljiljana Ravlich.

What do you like of the Perth Royal Show? Do you buy a lot of show bags for your children? Do you like the rides? The food? How long do you stay? Do you know any secret parking lots??? Who are you going with this year? Let us know!


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Claremont Show Grounds
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wmioch said...

Qigong showbags?

supergroup7 said...

It looks like there is quite a variety of things to experience at that show. Perhaps you might want to check out the horse performances.. my kid's loved to watch animal events... The most interesting was the crocodile wrestling that we witnessed.

Colin Wee said...

The Royal Show is a huge event in Perth, and the kids absolutely love it.

It's a race to get the most and the unhealthiest showbags. The trick is to establish the one bag limit before even entering the showgrounds.

THe qigong showbag might not be a very good money making opportunity. Hahahhahaa.

Crocodile wrestling? No .. I don't think my children will win in that exchange.


supergroup7 said...

Ha ha ha.. They might win if it was a baby crocodile with a taped up mouth, but then the animal activists would not be happy.