Keeping on the Path of Traditional Taekwondo

Pat from Mokuren Dojo just recently had a post talking about why do you train. Basically talking about what makes you go back to the training hall again and again. It's hours upon hours of body numbing exercise, physical and emotional punishment, and mind numbing tiredness.

I can remember many a Saturday morning spent training whilst my friends were hanging out watching football or basketball games. Then there's the night before ... knowing that if you drank too much and partied too hard your reflexes slow the next morning (did you know that?). Or all those holidays given up to stand in line to bow in and work out. Then there are those nights when you train for so long and so hard you sweat so much that your legs cramp up on you in the middle of the night. Who has more stories?

I get myself to the training area because martial arts is fun. Civilians would'nt really understand it, would they? It's electrifying because there is an element of of danger and our struggle to apply some control to the risks we're facing.

I show up and do what I do because of the rich history - thousands upon thousands of people have developed and participated in the Taekwondo fighting style that I have inherited ... and now I myself an propogating it. Mind-boggling.

Then we do these really cool moves. Not for show; they are for our own consumption.

I feed off the energy of the entire experience. I've been at it 25 years this year - I still get in line to do the pushups and all the exercises. I can't wait to go back to it again!

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Michele talks about Leaving it at the Door - which discusses one of the gifts of martial arts training, to be able to allow you to separate yourself from the daily grind when you're leading yourself up to training. :-)

Check out Bob's post from Striking Thoughts on Martial Arts Devotion. I like that he's representing some positives from traditional arts. What a little discipline can do for everything else we undertake in life!

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Kristijan said…
That is the right spirit of competition.To Improve as a Martial Artist (that means fighter,teacher and person) and to have fun.It's not about winning or loosing.It's about giving your best no matter what.Every kind of sports event (that meaNS WITH ANY KIND OF RULES,EVEN mma AND vALE tUDO) is a game of skill and art.It's about going beyond your body limits an achieve a higher level,regardless of winning or loosing.But competing is just the smallest part.The true value lies in the thing i said before: Martial Artist (Fighter,Teacher,Person).Please forgive me about my grammar.English is not my mother tongue.
Colin Wee said…
You said it brother. Welcome to the blog. Cheers, Colin
supergroup7 said…
I'm with you Colin.

I train because I enjoy it. Others may shake their heads and wonder how I enjoy trying to succeed at so many push ups/sit ups/squats/etc. etc...

They can't understand how much joy I feel when I perform a "spot on" Kata.

I agree kristijan, it's not about winning, it's about pulling the best out of oneself.
Colin Wee said…
I'm looking forward to you joining us on the World Wide Champ online competition, Mir! :-)

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