Taekwondo Do san: Step 7 & 8 Backfists of Fury

Doh-san step 7 and 8 are backfists executed in a forebalance. We did this as a drill last Tuesday, varying it and getting the back hand to provide a block/check. So an opponent will throw a centreline punch and the drill is to block the oncoming punch downwards and throw a backfist. This may get deflected or blocked, and the student reiterate the movement with the other hand - the attacking backfist becoming a downward press and the back hand throwing another backfist. This is done tight on the centreline similar to wing chun techniques.

Movements like this are very practical and way easy to learn as they use 'natural' reiterative motions to achieve economy of motion while allowing the practitioner to throw something out quickly as a 'catch all' technique.

The striking area is either the back of the knuckles IF you are coming down on the nose or soft areas of the face. Otherwise, you can perform the backfist with the front face of the knuckles - the benefit being the student *should* be more comfortable withstanding pressure there. Work both faces to enjoy the versatility of this technique.

Do san Diagram
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Saleh bitar said…
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Colin Wee said…
Hello Saleh, nice to see you here.

You would like to know the best way to improve the kick ability? I would say first to understand what it is you are doing with the kick and how it is generating power. Once you do that, you can then break it down from there and work on each individual element to make those kicks as good as they can be for you.


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