Breaking and Destruction for Beginners

Everything we teach in theory, or even in application should guide you when you're in front of that brick or tile (as we had for today's session). Yet, when it comes to the hard line, people sometimes falter - not enough commitment, not enough body dynamics, not enough acceleration, and basically not enough focus to drive that weapon through that tile. The funny thing is that the consequences of breaking and destruction are much more significant than the success when your hand sails through that solid board. If you fail - that miserable jarring smack gives you immediate feedback, and the pain starts to play with your mind. For that reason this is a fairly good exercise for a beginner - use your basics and make your basics work. But not always will they work, and you might then need to get over those inner hurdles to come back again and try do the same technique again without reprieve. No need for a 'chi glove'. No need for any mystical power. It's all about physics: 1. Have good alignment. 2. Know which part of the hand you're using. 3. Make sure body dynamics are driving the strike. 3. Aim through the target. Have we not gone through those lessons day in and day out? :-) Now it's your turn!

The Science of How to Break a Board - EXCELLENT READING


Ikigai said…
Excellent commentary on what breaking actually is - a lesson in determination and physics.

Too often we hear stories of pre-cut boards or flimsy tiles to help win a trophy.

Colin Wee said…

Welcome to the blog.

It was somewhat painful for me when my students did not make a specific break within a specific round.

The dull thump (plus the unbroken tiles) makes it very apparent to the entire group watching.

But you know what? It makes it sweeter when they return again and make the break. With hope they will take this all-or-nothing attitude back to kihon and kata to learn some real lessons for themselves.


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