Typical Sedentary Teen Gets Transformed Into Hardcore Martial Arts Fighter for Hit MTV Show

Super Hilarious!

See below cut and paste writeup of the show.

Video available at http://www.mtv.com/episodes/z0n8l7/made-karate-kid-season-9-ep-4

Milwaukee, WI - May 15 2008 - Master Chan Lee, a martial arts trainer for college athletes and martial arts champions, has finished the filming for an upcoming episode of MADE - the extremely popular MTV show that is just beginning its ninth season and is embarking on its 100th episode. In this new episode, Mr. Lee is the local celebrity coach of a small-town Wisconsin teenager who is on a mission to be "MADE" into a martial artist.

Master Lee said, "After more than 30 years of martial arts training and coaching, working with this Wisconsin teenager (whose identity is secret until after the initial showing) has been one of my most rewarding experiences. I'm excited to see how the episode will turn out after over 100 hours of filming.

During past seasons, each episode of MADE followed one willing candidate as they embarked on a mission to transform their life. Whether it was becoming a varsity football player, the homecoming queen or a cheerleader, each teenager dreamed of breaking out of their shell and finding out what they were really made of and what they could achieve when given the tools and training. This is the first episode of MADE where the candidate wanted to be transformed into a hardcore martial arts fighter.

Master Lee was selected as the celebrity coach of this episode following a selective interview process by MTV and was required to be away from his five martial arts schools in the metro Milwaukee area for most of the six weeks of filming.

"At our schools, martial arts is primarily about personal character development instead of just kicking and punching. That is what I emphasized during the training."

A final airtime for this episode will be established within the next few days. For more information on MADE, visit http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/?id=1586185&vid=239124

For more on Master Chan Lee, visit http://JKLeeBlackBelt.com/media

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supergroup7 said…
I wish that I could watch this episode, but when I visit that website I receive a notice saying that due to copyright rules they cannot allow the video to play outside of the U.S.
Potatoe Fist said…
Poor guy - he looks like he went through a shock to the system. I'd love to see how that progression went.
Colin Wee said…
Martial arts are tough!!!

Poor guy - see how little support he had? His family. His gf. His brother. It's a wonder how he got the gumption to pull himself out of this cycle!

Mir - that's funny, I was easily able to watch the video from here in Australia.

I look forward to seeing this show as well. Without even knowing the details, I hope the kid sticks with it and didn't just do it for the show. I still maintain that a reality show about an over 40 mom taking up martial arts would be great. (Hey, I'm not pushing for myself - on the contrary, I'd rather see someone else make a fool of themselves on national tv! : )
Colin Wee said…
MA Mom - thanks for the post and welcome to the blog! Good seeing you here.

Stick with it??? I have seen literally hundreds start martial arts only to stop after 1-2 years.

What I do like is that it really seems the guy has embarked on a personal journey, and has taken something away from the training other than the training itself. :-)

It somewhat mirrors my own journey when I was 13yo - I started martial arts against my parent's wishes. While I had more emotional support than this guy, everything was 'own effort' if you get my drift.

40yo Mom taking up martial arts? How about supergroup7? 40+ yo with 7 kids. Now that would make an inspirational show! :-)

Incredible to watch, regardless of whether involved in martial arts or not. It really illustrates the power of environment (including the people around us), to mould us into who we are. Thank you for posting it.
Yes, I too could view it from Perth, Australia, without difficulty.
Cheers, Ads
Colin Wee said…
Welcome to my blog Ads.

Yes it is, especially when you see him being wrenched by his gf yet telling her he needs to do this for himself.

Thanks for the post.


Colin Wee said…
Ads - so, is my blog doing alright from an SEO perspective? How else can I improve on it? Colin

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