Your Nuts With Taekwondo

I recently had the pleasure of attending a fantastic HAPV two man drill conducted by Renshi Chris and organised by my friends from the Wu Wei Dao clan.

During one of the drills we were required to defend against a frontal bear hug. One hand traps the opponent's arm and the other pinches his thigh OR smacks him in the nuts. Groin, I mean.

In my Traditional taekwondo school, I happily smack both guys and sometimes girls (my students) in the groin region lightly in order to increase their awareness that this area is a legitimate target for both hand and leg strikes. Most of my students are very good at wearing groin protection. However, the first guy I practiced with was, how do I say this politely? He, erm, ... was a real hang loose kind of guy. I'm just glad I was 'discreet' and didn't go all out to be too 'friendly'. Wink.

What I wanted to say is framed with the fact that with controlled strikes even a groin protector would not totally protect your groin, so a person learns really quick to increase coverage of this area whilst defending and especially when attacking. However, groin protectors allow you to apply such attacks with relative safety.

Kicking techniques higher than waist height should have the practitioner reaching down with the back or front hand to protect your nuts. No I don't mean groin. I mean nuts. If you wrongly think that a hand placed in front of your groin is sufficient, think again. Practitioners who aim for your nads will know much more than a person coming out from a 3 hour self defence course - their kicks are going to be coming from underneath and will target your nuts in a big way.

This means you have one hand up to protect your head and one hand down to increase coverage under your leg. Practice this with all kicks - prioritised in the following order: roundhouse kick, hook kick, and side kick.

Enough from me now.



supergroup7 said…
Nice title to this posting!

I've always been amazed at how little emphasis is placed on protecting the groin in the various forum conversations on the internet. I'm glad that you mention it in such a good manner, and with good detail. Thanks Colin.
Colin Wee said…
I happen to remember that the last time I posted on this subject on Karatetips it cracked you up!

Dan Djurdjevic said…
Hi Colin

It was such a pleasure training with you again at Chris' Seminar. The more I see of your taekwondo, the more I am impressed. It also occurs to me just how much the essential principles of good martial arts are constants - you either have them or you don't, whatever your school.

Looking forward to training together and sharing knowledge again soon.
Colin Wee said…
Thank you, Dan. It was good seeing you well and healthy.

I appreciate your kind words. It's high praise coming from one of the better martial art schools I have seen worldwide.

Taekwondo doesn't have a very good reputation, does it? I'm glad you and Nenad didn't allow that to colour your impression of me.

Yes, the more I travel the path, the more I see similarities between the arts. I consider myself a lucky man to have made friends from other schools and styles.

Hope to see you soon. It would be great to train at your dojo again.

Ah, now this i can attest to. Squad Training before last, I was kitted out fully. The session was very hot and the groin guard in particular was (it's a 2 hour session) getting uncomfortably moist (sorry to be so graphic!). So in a brief pause in the lesson I slipped it off.
Guess what happened within 5 minutes of removing it. Ouch. Need to take particular care when sparring with lower grades ;)
Colin Wee said…
I've been hit a few times in the groin - mostly it was my fault for not putting the protector on before I started. Never took it off halfway though. Was it a square on it??? *(
Unfortunately, we're talking a full five minutes of trying to get my breath back and stamping my heels before I could continue, which I would think qualifies as a "yes". At my last competition I took a horyo (reverse turning kick) to the head which was more pleasant.
Colin Wee said…
I've been kicked hard down there a few times before - but not all of them hit square on. Some went too low - those hurt but I was able to continue. Most of them hit too high (hitting me in the 'pee-pee' rather than in the goolies).

The one that was purely overwhelming was a back kick straight through the legs while I was attempting to shuto the guy in the face. I think I was a brown belt at the time. It felt like someone had grabbed my nads and wrenched them backwards and then upwards to my head.

Worse than that was when I did a jump back kick and the opponent was supposed to block the kick with a pushing heel kick. But the guy missed and ended up kicking me in the rectum. It hurt for three days and I couldn't take a dump without wincing and laughing. It was hilarious!


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