Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications

Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications
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3 Jun 2008

Taekwondo Blogs - Active and Worth Viewing

Taekwondo Blogs

Many Taekwondo blogs are quickly started and soon fade away. I thought to do a simple search and list down some of the few Taekwondo blogs that are active.

The Blue Wave Taekwondo School
Tomcat's Taekwondo Blog
Waveney Valley Blog
Traditional Taekwondo Techniques
Taekwondo Network
Cambridge Ji Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do
Bell's Taekwondo
Traditional Taekwondo Ramblings
Joong Do Kwan

If you know of other blogs that should be on this list, let me know.

Colin Wee
Joong Do Kwan Chung Sah Nim
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Gordon White said...

Ouch - I didnt make the cut? I have slowed down a bit to focus on our NING network, but am still posting on a regular basis, (although the articles have been less technical)

Hope all is well!

Colin Wee said...

That'll keep you on your toes, Gordon! Glad you clarified. I just assumed (naughty me) that you had shifted all your emphasis to your NING network. Colin

Gordon White said...

thanks for adding me back in Colin, and dropping me a note on my most recent post.

congrats on your upcoming Silver anniversary as well!


Colin Wee said...

Gordon -

And thank you for prompting me to send a thank you note to my first instructor - I did this today and included a nice DVD showcase of photos with my students.


Tomcat's Taekwondo said...

Definitely something I've noticed. Lots of blogs, and blog style sites out there that start well, but then seem to die off. I suppose people lose heart, or run out of things to say.
I'm having real trouble finding time to blog myself currently what with work and family pressures. There's also Taekwondo to squeeze into my weekly routine as well of course!
I've also got a dreadful habit of spending more time tweaking my websites' design than actually adding content to it (check out the new layout of the blog page vs the rest of the site to see the latest change I'm working on).

Colin Wee said...

It's tough to maintain momentum when you're a single blogger. I've always thought that all of us should collaborate. I have established a lot of 'labels' or categories of posts, and it would be really interesting to standardise or expand the usage of such labelling to other similar blogs. This means that we would set up a larger network between the blogs that would draw greater and more relevant traffic. It would also make posts interesting with a larger perspective from different bloggers.