Joong Do Kwan 2015

Joong Do Kwan 2015
Joong Do Kwan School of the Middle Way

30 Apr 2008

Winter Training

Out of my six regular students, 4 cancelled out on me last night and two didn't show. Yet it was a great workout session. I went through all patterns from white to black - Chon-ji, Dan-gun, Do-san, Won-hyo, Yul-guk, Choong-gun, Toi-gye, Hwa-rang, and Chung-mu. I also went through Basai and Tekki, and applications from Basai and Tekki. All this in under and hour with time to go home and watch TV! Fantastic!


Mathieu said...

I forget sometimes that while around our parts, summer is coming, it also means that around yours, winter is around.

Enjoy the snow!

Colin Wee said...

Perth is coastal - so no snow for us. But it'll start to get uncomfortable soon. And did I mention the mosquitoes? :-(

supergroup7 said...

Colin, I thought for sure that when it comes to mosquitoes, my city must win the award. However, when I did a bit of internet surfing I found out that my area of the world only has about 35 different types of mosquitoes, while Australia has close to 72 of them! Have you seen this poster, Colin?

I wonder if there has been a comparison done of various cities of the world, and who has the most mosquito count.