Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications

Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications
JDK Instructors share the passion with ITF friends in Perth

30 Apr 2008

Winter Training

Out of my six regular students, 4 cancelled out on me last night and two didn't show. Yet it was a great workout session. I went through all patterns from white to black - Chon-ji, Dan-gun, Do-san, Won-hyo, Yul-guk, Choong-gun, Toi-gye, Hwa-rang, and Chung-mu. I also went through Basai and Tekki, and applications from Basai and Tekki. All this in under and hour with time to go home and watch TV! Fantastic!


Mathieu said...

I forget sometimes that while around our parts, summer is coming, it also means that around yours, winter is around.

Enjoy the snow!

Colin Wee said...

Perth is coastal - so no snow for us. But it'll start to get uncomfortable soon. And did I mention the mosquitoes? :-(

supergroup7 said...

Colin, I thought for sure that when it comes to mosquitoes, my city must win the award. However, when I did a bit of internet surfing I found out that my area of the world only has about 35 different types of mosquitoes, while Australia has close to 72 of them! Have you seen this poster, Colin?

I wonder if there has been a comparison done of various cities of the world, and who has the most mosquito count.