Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications

Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications
JDK Instructors share the passion with ITF friends in Perth

8 Mar 2008

Taekwondo Blog

Why did I create this Taekwondo Blog?

Go ahead and search for 'Taekwondo' with most any technique name or pattern name and you'll see my blog on the first page of Google.

My aim with this traditional taekwondo blog is to share experiences from my martial arts class directly with anyone interested in the martial arts, and specifically in Traditional Taekwondo. I want my blog to be the most extensive repository of informal technical articles on Taekwondo

My other high-level goal is to also make worthwhile martial arts ideas and practice accessible to the modern day practitioner. I would love to work with any other martial arts website and blog owners to help increase the exposure to martial arts.

If you are interested in creating an extensive network of like-minded sites, contact me and I'll share with you some ideas I have.


Colin Wee
Principal, Joong Do Kwan (Perth)
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Patrick Parker said...

Sorry I haven't responded to this idea of yours yet. I've been thinking about it and plotting on it. I'll be getting back to you soon on that.

And I also haven't forgotten the review of your tekki video. I really enjoyed it and am planning to talk about it on my blog soon.

See you later

Colin Wee said...

Good on ya, Pat. This is not an overnight thing ... looking forward to possibly collaborating with you on it. :-) Thanks for the response. Colin

bcorrales said...

Colin, I'd also be interested in doing a little collaboration. My apologies for not getting a review out to you yet on Tekki, but I do plan on doing it shortly. Unfortunately work has been pretty hectic lately.

In moo do,

Colin Wee said...

Totally understand Brian. Take your time. Let's talk more about this. Colin

JohnE said...

Colin - Thanks for stopping by and reading my humble Black Belt at 50. I'm struck when reading your blog about how much I have to learn in the martial arts. Not only am I just starting, but being in a blended school, the amount that I have to sort thru is overwhelming.

In terms of search engines, I do know a few things and would be pleased to help, time permitting. Another blog of mine focuses on Learning about search engines.

Colin Wee said...

John - it doesn't change. I've been plugging away for the last 25 years, and there's still a lot to learn. Not only to learn but to keep up with.

I would love to have you help me better understand blogs and search engines, if you've got the time.