100 Posts on Traditional Taekwondo in Perth Western Australia

I started this blog last April 2007 with a simple aim - to talk about taekwondo techniques from our training perspective. I wanted to literally share HRGB's weekly experiences with readers - basically one post after each of the two training sessions we had per week. Just in 4-5 months, this blog started ranking on the first page of Google for basic key martial arts terms, and I started reaching out to a small network of like-minded martial arts bloggers. Through the posts, I have opened up my practice and my thoughts to all. It still requires some nerve to be so transparent, but I believe this helps improve the quality of training in my taekwondo class. This is my 98th post, and I invite readers and friends to share any thoughts of what you'd like for a 100th post on this blog. So, any thoughts? What techniques are you all working on now? Sparring strategies? What information would you like highlighted in your own school? Let me know.


Patrick Parker said…
How about some thoughts about how your aikido studies have influenced your practice and teaching of traditional TKD? The aiki-like flavor of some of the stuff on your tekki DVD really made me think of tekki as being like a jujitsu system.
Colin Wee said…
Hey Pat ...

Thanks for a great question! I don't feel the need to hold back too much when it comes to plugging in stuff into my white to black syllabus that is required for students. However, much more creativity goes into stuff beyond shodan (like the Tekki video you see). A very worthy discussion - and a good opportunity to set up a cross-disciplinary dialog with you.

Hey Colin - is it only 98 posts? I read more often than I commment but I will make more effort!
I think you've done a fantastic job with this blog, there's so much to read and it makes good reading.
Anything about improving patterns is always particularly interesting for me.
Colin Wee said…
Andy - great feedback! Sometimes it's difficult to create content on a blog without comments. I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far. I'm mostly done with stuff from white to green. I'm waiting for this particular group of students to progress so I can add more beyond this level. Colin

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