Won-Hyo: Deflection of Side Kick

I took over the kick shield and held it while being pounded by enthusiastic green belt doing a sliding side kick. However, rather than continually getting a foot sunk into my ribs (even with shield), just as foot blade is accelerating in the air, I reach out and behind the weapon with a reverse open palm and draw it quickly towards the outer side of my hip. My eyes never leave his chest. Rotating the hip towards the other side means the side kick sails easily past with little effort. Timing is everything.

Won Hyo Side kick


supergroup7 said…
Hmm.. I bet you that one's accuracy must be pretty good to get away with this deflection. A little too close, and you jam your fingers into that oncoming kick, a little too far, and that kick will be on you before you can deflect.. am I right?

Disclaimer: I do not have any Taekwondo training. Although, I am enjoying myself watching my daughter as she trains in her dojang. The Master there is a really awesome teacher. I really like how he spars too.

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