Dan-gun: Step 17-18 Vertical Knife Hand Strike to Neck

Taekwondo Dan-Gun Knife Hand

Refer to my forum entries on the Dan-gun taekwondo pattern and see a sitemap of the techniques.

We pulled apart step 17-18 of the Dan-gun taekwondo form today. Step 17 is a right forebalance, right upper block. You then fold a vertical left knife hand or shuto over a horizontal right arm. Step 18 is a 270 turn to the left followed by a vertical knife hand to the neck.

The drill was done on an opponent holding both hands palm out and upward in front. Gap closing was done, and the two hands were insinuated 'amongst' the opponent's arm. To follow the appropriate 'sides' from pattern Dan-gun step 17-18, the left hand is inserted between the opponent's arms, and the right hand is on the outside of the opponent's left arm.

What follows next is a trap/check of the opponent's left arm with your right arm. And of course a vertical knife hand to the neck with the left hand. We again do not perform a traditional shuto, prefering a seito if I remember the technique correctly. So the 'shuto' or knife hand is torqued thumb-side in order to strike with the corner of the blade/heel of palm. This strikes on the side of the neck, tending towards the carotid artery.

The next variation is to insinuate the arms, and strike the opponent's solar plexus with the left elbow as it enters vertically. The opponent naturally decompresses and bends forward. This allows the arm to then extend upward and then shuto is dropped on the diagonal back of the neck.

Other variations include foregoing the shuto to go for an open palm cup strike to the ear. Or ... a favourite of our female students, a shuto strike into the earring stud. This is an awful awful move, my brothers. Try not to laugh.

There was much fun had today.

Have a good rest of the week!



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