Side Kick Variations - Conservative v Risk-Taking

This is a bomabastic, risk-taking version of the side kick designed to cover lots of ground and apply lots of momentum if you successfully land it on the opponent. It is done by none other than Bruce Lee. This is a good example of a kick that you shouldn't do if you've screwed up your knees and hip.

The following is a video I just found off youtube. Aside from the irritating music (mute your volume), the side kick (in the later half of the video), is a good example of a conservative kick that preserves COG in order to allow practitioner to return fire with hand strikes. Notice the stylistic nuances - they are not entirely necessary to perform the side kick, but don't overly detract from it if you know how to land strikes on the opponent. This is a kick that will help reduce joint and hip injuries.


Won-hyo Side Kick
Martial Arts Sources: Bruce Lee


wmioch said…
Great post Colin, and good examples.

Why do you say that the conservative version will reduce injuries?
Silverstar said…
Neat videos (Though you're right about the irritating music in the second one). The kicks that I do in my style are pretty straightforward and not very fancy. A little bit more like the second video. :)
Colin Wee said…
Bill - the conservative version will reduce the chances of long term injury because you're not stretching yourself to the uppermost limits of your range of motion. Nothing to do with combat effectiveness. I've just noticed that when my hip gets inflamed and I can hardly walk with pain - there's no way I can kick in any other way except for a very conservative side kick. No torque, straight out to the side, some snap with the knee and retraction. Anything else (except front kick) is impossible. There is some wisdom in our system introducing side and front kicks first. Colin
Colin Wee said…
Silverstar - Many of the kicks I teach and do in my style are also straightforward. Only nearing black belt do we start on more flamboyant kicks. This was not the case when I was a beginner - we were rushed into the kicks as fast as possible. My approach is to teach a more balanced art - upper body tools are as important or more important than legs. Certainly the case for most of the population - who certainly struggle to get the flexibility and control over really difficult kicks. Colin
Colin Wee said…
Bill - check out this other post on the side kick. It refers to my arthritic pain in the left hip. It SUX!!! Colin
supergroup7 said…
Colin I really appreciate the focus that you have given to the side kick on this blog. I've learned that the side kick that I'm attempting to create in my Kyokushin expression is very conservative ( much like the kick in the second video) So it looks like I'm going the right direction to help support my damaged hips.

Thanks for the video of Bruce Lee training. Wow.. that's something so COOL.

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