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This post is to promote all martial arts blogs. If you'd like to promote your blog, please let me know by writing a response to this post below.

Bunkai Jutsu
Fist in the Frost
Soo Shim Kwan 水心館수심관
Traditional Taekwondo ramblings
Old Man Karate
Ikigai | Blogging the Martial Way
The Way of Least Resistance
Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo Perth

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Mark McCormick said…
Physics of Aiki blog: A realistic look at Aikido and related martial arts through the lens of science.

--Mark McCormick
Hey Colin,

Great blog. I'd like to add my site to your list of blogs. It's the Taekwondo Coach at

Looking forward to more info from your site.


Taekwondo Coach
Colin Wee said…
Done and done! :-)


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