Martial Arts Articles

I've got too many martial arts links on my site. So I'm moving the links from the right hand pane off to this post. I hope to add to this resource in time. Please suggest anything you might feel that is interesting. Thanks. Colin


supergroup7 said…
Would you add this link list to the "most searched for articles" list? Then it would be easy to find later on when I forget where it was placed.
[Mat] said…
Nice list :D

I had stumbled upon them but then, I wasn't ready to learn the lessons. I was gathering information on the history back then.

Now, they'll actually serve a purpose (for me, I mean)


Colin Wee said…
Mir - Yeah ... I'm trying to clean up the blog. But you know there are a whole bunch of labels down the side panel that would lead you to what you're looking for?

Mat - good that you'll enjoy them. I look forward to your adding more links to this post in time then.


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