Hwa-Rang Step 10 & 11

I was again sparring with Jacob our green belt last night. I engage and engage and he covers fairly nicely and then pulls away. One of our encounters I come in with some front lunging attack with left hand, front kick with my right, and whilst leg coming-down-but-still-in-the-air follow up by swinging my right arm in a horizontal arc from outside in towards his neck and back of skull. It basically becomes a nutcracker on his neck.

The move is an adaptation from Step 10 & 11 from Hwa-Rang. Step 9 is a lower block left hand with left front stance. Step 10 is a lunge punch with right hand in right front stance. Step 11 rotates on the front right foot, both legs come together and right fist is clasped into a 'salute' with left palm open.

One of the more interesting interpretations is to use the returning punch into the clasping salute as a way to strike at the back or side of the neck with thumb joint. So the open left palm stabilizes the head and the right hand swings around to strike the pressure points behind the opponent's neck. It is a very interesting move as it allows you to still be effective at a range where most punches are fairly ineffective. It also allows you to target some sensitive pressure points, if you're into that sort of thing.

The session we had last night was done very lightly, but I felt I could easily ramp up the power if I needed to. The nice thing with the move is that it allows you to instantly control the opponent, perform eye strikes if required, and throw him to the ground. Most other strikes would have to add the control as a second process; as in hit then grab.

I don't even think Jacob saw it coming (or going). All he did was feel something striking him on the side.



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